Do you have a beloved place that you would like to immortalize in a painting?
Here are some pieces of art that have been painted to order.

Val's Garden

This was commission by a husband for his wife who is an avid gardener and it is a view of her backyard gardens. For this commission the client asked that I paint the view of the vastly landscaped garden from their kitchen window. It was specified which lawn furniture should be included and which should be removed. I worked from photographs I took on location and from the client's photographs so that the painting could include plants that were flowering in both time periods. They were very happy with the painting!

Accord House Commission

I painted this beautiful historic stone house in the spring time. It was commissioned as a surprise birthday gift for the home owner. I visited the location and we discussed different views of the house. The client chose a view that would include the barn and the flower gardens. I worked both on location and from photos.

“I love all of Mira's paintings, but especially the local and familiar views of the Hudson Valley. Each painting captures a special moment in time with the fluidity and subtle color changes that only watercolor allows.

Mira created a beautiful watercolor painting of my favorite mountain view, the "million dollar view" from the pavilion where my husband and I were married. This is a panoramic view of the Catskills from the Mohonk Preserve Spring Farm pavilion. We were married in October and the painting has the golden glow of the autumn in the grasses of the fields we walked for the ceremony and in the trees just starting to turn. We used the image on the cover of our wedding program, and it seemed to ensure that our wedding day had perfect weather with blue skies as glorious as in the painting.” Bea E. (veterinarian)

Backyard commission

This client was seeking a painting of their lovely backyard. He asked me to make sure I included their new patio stone work, the cat statue, flowers and the barn. They appreciated the improvements that I did to the scene, giving the old barn a newly painted look and adding a few extra flowers that weren’t actually blooming at the time.

My paintings on the living room walls of a Connecticut collector and a close up of the one on the left.

Commissions on wall Connecticut commission

This landscape was commissioned. I was asked to paint the view of the bay that is located down at the end of her road. It was painted on location at low tide.

Here’s what the client had to say about my art:

“I am a lover of Mira's artwork and I have several of her paintings gracing my living room, dining room and kitchen walls. When I look at one of her paintings I have such as the "Poppies," I am transported to the field where they were growing and I'm on my belly, eyeball to flower petal. I hear the crunch of the plants under me, I smell the flowers, the earth, and almost hear them growing!!! That's my experience. I love the colors Mira uses and the sense of texture she creates. A still life I have in my kitchen is so vibrant - I feel that I could reach out and grab the oranges in it! Linda B.

poppies commission

This is the painting of “Two Poppies’ that she mentioned above.

Contact me to set up a commission of your special place.

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