Pet and Other Animal Commissions

Acrylic Paintings on Wood Panels (Dogs, Cats, etc...)
These portraits are painted with acrylic paints on wood panels with the painting extending onto the sides of the panel, making it unnecessary to frame. A clear photograph, at least 8x10 inches in size, digital or printed with good resolution will be needed. Please submit several photographs if possible. If you live near Kingston, N.Y., I can take the photographs for you. Prices below are for one animal, prices will be higher for more than one animal or other special request. Larger sizes may be commissioned too, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

5x7 $150. (plus shipping if needed)
8x10 $250. (plus shipping if needed)

Examples of Commissions

Catalina- commission
“Catalina” 8x10
“Ziva” 8x10
“Buster by the Water” 8x10
“Casey on the Couch with Banjo” 8x10
“Aspen” 5x7
Luna- commission
“Luna” 8x10


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