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Misty Winter Wetland
"Misty Winter Wetland, Ashokan Rd", watercolor

My art is about the vividness of color, the energy of living things and
what happens when you slow down long enough to truly see and appreciate it.

“What draws me to your work is your style approaches “photographic” replication of a scene while leaving sufficient “uncertainty” to allow the imagination to fill in details. For me these details include the accumulated memories of my many happy times Upstate. By owning several of your works, there is that uniformity that creates, for me, anyway, the impression of being in a big house looking out different windows- your paintings, at different memories I have experienced up there in the past. “
~Jonathan H. (Collector)

“Mira Fink’s watercolors stunningly capture the changing colors of the Mid-Hudson
seasons from peaceful winter to vibrant fall scenes.”

~John M. (Art Gallery Visitor and Watercolor Student)

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